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Porträtierte, heroinabhängige Menschen bewältigen ihre Alltagsroutinen als Radiomoderator, Chirurg oder Sekretär.

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Cornelious - 28 Abril 15:11

Because I see so much ignorance from my heterosexual peers, I'm honestly ecstatic to meet/know anyone at all who is open-minded and aware of the collective struggle and their privilege. If I see a cisgendered heterosexual person who actually believes they are PART of the collective struggle inasmuch as GSM- I won't be pleased. But I say include them within the community and treat 'em like brothers and sisters, not as acquaintances. lol idk its 5 am thooo

Chadwick - 11 Junio 22:57

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Steiniger - 12 Junio 18:46

I don't personally identify with anything on the Kinsey scale. In my opinion it's a waste of time to try (unless I'm a researcher and I need to put my data into numerical form and that attraction is attraction, no matter what.